Kézzel készült, fenntartható fonal kiegészítők és otthoni dekorációk a design és a természet szerelmeseinek.

🌿✨100% egyedi & zero-waste

🌿🌿 🌿 🌿 🌿 🌿

Custom-made, sustainable yarn accessories and home decoration for design and nature lovers

 🌿✨100% unique & zero-waste

About ZØ



ZO is a custom-made, sustainable home decoration and knitted/ crocheted clothing brand for design and nature lovers 🌿✨100% unique & zero-waste.

My goal is to create unique items from 100% wool, alpaca and silk using natural die in the most sustainable way possible.  Each piece is hand-knitted or crocheted, one of a kind created by me taking environment and sustainability in focus by going 100% zero-waste.

Why Choose Us?

 * custom-made

* one of a kind

* environmental friendly

* sustainable

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